I am Patricia Borstel. I came into contact with the Ragdoll cat with a client. I fell in love with the beautiful blue eyes of a big Ragdoll gentleman. The client asked me if I wanted to adopt him. Yes, of course… At that time I still had three cats in the house, all three purely European cats. The Ragdoll was called Zino and he came and was very courteous with the ladies. He had also tamed the Saluki in the house in no time, a few taps on the nose with the big hairy feet and it was clear that respect for this little lion had to be shown. Zino liked to lie with me with one foot on the keyboard of my computer and he was always close to my work in practice. Years later when Zino had left for the eternal hunting grounds, a kitten Avalon, a stubborn Ragdoll lady, came to show me how things should be done. I did shows with Avalon even if it was below her dignity and I got angry faces. Avalon prefers to study the birds in nature, which makes her happy.

I am not a breeder. I am interested in keeping cats healthy and I coach people to keep their animals healthy. Health starts with a healthy diet and natural supplements. The body has its own recovery and defense system, but sometimes some help is needed and then natural resources can help. This method comes from Naturopathy.

I have been asked to join the Ragdoll Club as a general board member by two passionate ladies, Marian and Corry, the founders of the Club. I wish them the best of luck in achieving their goals and have promised them to contribute to the health of our cats.

Patricia Borstel