About the Ragdoll

A fat cat? No, she’s just a big  cat… Ragdolls are among the largest breeds in existence. Some males can weigh 15 kg …. Are they friendly … yes sure! They are also called the puppy cats because they like to follow their people throughout the house. They are so calm that they rightly call it Ragdolls. They lie stretched out on the floor. What makes them so special? Well … they are quiet, they are large and can grow 3 times the size of a regular cat. They are beautiful. They have beautiful blue eyes to drown in. The Ragdoll’s coat is soft and easy to maintain. Are they good pets? For sure, … they are friendly and remain playful throughout their lives. And they love children a lot and are ideal first cats. So look for all this in a cat, … look no further, you have found the ideal cat.