My name is Marian Groenendijk. I have been breeding and showing Ragdolls for over 20 years. I live with my husband in Waddinxveen in the Netherlands.

In 2004 I did the recognition show for the red, cream, tortie and tabby together with other Ragdoll breeders from almost all of Europe. I have a warm heart for the Ragdoll. For 10 years I managed the Ragdolls Werkgroep of Mundikat.

Together with Corry and my husband I switched to Felis Belgica two years ago. During the run-up to the Ragdoll special, the idea arose to set up a Ragdoll working group or club under the wings of Felis Belgica. So I had a brainstorming session with Corry and see here the breed club is a fact.

I serve on the board as secretary. You can also register with me as a member of the Belgian Ragdoll Club.

Marian Groenendijk

Secretary/member administration