The board

Corry Husada

The president

My name is Corry Husada-Ghesquiere and I am a Ragdoll breeder since 2014. I have 8 Ragdolls, 5 of which are breeding
My cattery is in Stadskanaal. This is located in the South-East of the province of Groningen in the Netherlands. My cattery is called Miracles Douces which means sweet miracles. I have 8 Ragdolls,

Tessa Schepers


I am Tessa Schepers.
I was just really born to be a passionate cat lover.
In our parental home there were cats present before my birth and we have always had cats and often litters of kittens during growing up
These were always house cats without a breed, but at our grandparents’ home there were Siamese cats that I liked so much because they were seal point.
After leaving the parental home and renting my 1st apartment, I had a kitten within a week that had grown up in the farm with my mother in the stables.
My Lois was a black cat with a white tuxedo and after a lot of pampering, giving a lot of attention and playing with her, she became a full-fledged indoor cat that gave me 19 wonderful years.
Since childhood I have seen many kittens born at home and with our grandparents and the idea to start with a recognized and registered cattery was born.
The choice for the Ragdoll breed was so obvious to me because I have always been enchanted by the beautiful point colors and those beautiful blue eyes and longer coat together with the affectionate and curious character.
I started as a Ragdoll breeder in 2014 and have studied the genetics of the breed in recent years, so we have also learned that there are many different genes at the basis of the Ragdoll breed.
I have been asked if I would like to take on the board position of treasurer and thus help in the board of the Belgian Ragdoll Club, which I have of course accepted with great pleasure and enthusiasm.
I am so much looking forward to helping the club grow and to assist the members of the club with advice and assistance.
Tessa Schepers

Patricia Borstel


I am Patricia Borstel:
I came into contact with the Ragdoll through  a client. I fell in love with the beautiful blue eyes of a big Ragdoll gentleman. The client asked me if I wanted to adopt him. Yes of course…. I still had three cats at home at the time, all three purely European house cats with oak tree and pine tree. The Ragdoll was called Zino and he came and was very courteous with the ladies. He had also tamed the Saluki in the house in no time, a few taps on the nose with the big hairy paw and it was clear that respect for this little lion had to be shown. Zino liked to lie with me with one paw on the keyboard of my computer and he was always close at my work in the practice. Years later when Zino had left for the eternal hunting grounds, a kitten Avalon, a stubborn Ragdoll lady, came to show me how things should be done. I did shows with Avalon even if it was below her dignity and I got angry faces. Avalon prefers to study the birds in nature, which makes her happy.
I am not a breeder. I am interested in keeping cats healthy and I coach people to keep their animals healthy. Health starts with a healthy diet and natural supplements. The body has its own recovery and defense system, but sometimes some help is needed and then natural resources can help. This method comes from Naturopathy.
I have been asked to join the Ragdoll Club as a board member by two passionate ladies, Marian and Corry, the founders of the Club. I wish them the best of luck in achieving their goals and have promised them to contribute to the health of our cats.
Patricia Borstel

Marian Groenendijk

Secretariat; Member Administration

My name is Marian Groenendijk.
I have been breeding and showing Ragdolls for over 20 years. I live with my husband in Waddinxveen in the Netherlands.
In 2004 I did the recognition show for red, cream, tortie and tabby together with other Ragdoll breeders from almost all of Europe.
I have a warm heart for the Ragdoll. For 10 years I managed the Ragdolls Werkgroep of Mundikat.
Together with Corry and my husband I switched to Felis Belgica two years ago. During the run-up to the Ragdoll special, the idea arose to set up a Ragdoll working group or club under the wings of Felis Belgica. So I had a brainstorming session with Corry and see here the breed club is a fact.
I serve on the board as secretary. You can also register with me as a member of the Belgian Ragdoll Club.
Marian Groenendijk