My name is Corry Husada-Ghesquiere and I am a Ragdoll breeder since 2014. My cattery is located in Stadskanaal, The Netherlands. My cattery is called Miracles Douces wich means sweet miracles.

I can be found regularly at domestic and foreign shows. We then rent a van with some friends. We started brainstorming in 2018 about organizing a Ragdoll Special. Felis Belgica was happy to arganize this within their association. Gradually the idea arose to start a Ragdoll Club. The Belgian Ragdoll Club was the opportunity for Felis Belgica to announce the existence of the Belgian Ragdoll CLub.

I hope to be able to contribute to making the Belgian Ragdoll Club successful, but also to provide good information about the Ragdoll.

As president of the Belgian Ragdoll Club, I hope to welcome you to the friendly club that has been established for both breeders and the “regular enthusiast”.




Corry Husada