I am Tessa Schepers. I was just born to be a passionate cat lover. In our parental home we always had cats and often litters during my growing up. These were always cats without a breed. My grandparents had Siamese cats. I really liked seal point.

When I rented my 1st apartment, within a week I had a kitten that grew up with my mother in the stables of the farm. My Lois was a black cat with a white tuxedo and after a lot of pampering, giving attention and playing, she became a full-fledged indoor cat that gave me 19 wonderful years.

I have seen many kittens born since childhood and so the idea was born to start a registered cattery. The choice for the Ragdoll breed was so obvious because I was always enchanted by the beautiful color points, the beautiful blue eyes, the longer coat and the affectionate and curious character. I started as a Ragdoll breeder in 2014 and have studied the genetics of the breed in recent years.

I have been asked if I would like to take on the board position of treasurer and thus help in the board of the Belgian Ragdoll Club, which I naturally accepted with great pleasure and enthusiasm. I am so much looking forward to helping the club grow and to assist the members of the club with advice and assistance.

Tessa Schepers